The Lobby by Bramble Furniture di Hospitality 2019
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The Lobby by Bramble Furniture in Hospitality Indonesia 2019

Bramble Furniture, a local furniture brand that has long been known in the United States, will take part in Hospitality Indonesia 2019, the largest hospitality and design exhibition in Indonesia. This exhibition will be held at the Jakarta International Expo (JIExpo) Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, on 23-26 October 2019.

Collaborating with Eugenio Hendro, a local designer who is also a Hospitality Indonesia 2019 Gold Designer, Bramble Furniture will display a magnificent theme installation with a hotel lobby concept called The Lobby by Bramble Furniture.

This installation is the curation that combines the aesthetic elements of Bramble Furniture and the modern vision of Eugenio Hendro. The basic concept of this lobby is embodied in Eugenio’s personal interest in land and sea elements.

The Lobby by Bramble Furniture is divided into two installation sections, by the color of blue and green. The blue lobby carries a modern nautical theme over the whole interior, while the green lobby will showcase the solarium concept that represents the element of land.

Eugenio states that the concept is also inspired by the characteristics of Bramble Furniture products, which are still made using hand-carved techniques.

โ€œHand-carved products never ceased to amaze me. I really like the complexity that the sculptors made. I chose Bramble Furniture because the furniture is so inspiring. Bramble’s style is a breath of fresh air among Scandinavian design competition in the Indonesian furniture market,โ€ explained Eugenio.

In addition, the endless finishing options for each Bramble Furniture product allow Eugenio to be creative with various design elements, which ultimately creates a modern and grande impression like a hotel lobby through the installation of The Lobby.

The installation of The Lobby by Bramble Furniture will be the first interior theme in a series of introductions to Bramble Furniture as a local furniture company that prioritizes customer satisfaction in determining their own design. Bramble Furniture offers customers the freedom to choose the design and finishing style that will be used in each choice of furniture. There are more than 50 color choices that can be combined with more than 50 artworks.

โ€œThe customized finishing offered by Bramble Furniture makes it all very convenient for me. So many color choices. In addition, Bramble Furniture also allows me to add artwork that can be tailored to my type of preferences,โ€ said Cathy Sharon, a public figure who is also a customer of Bramble Furniture products.

Another thing that makes Bramble Furniture unique is the use of premium materials for all of its furniture, namely solid wood from mahogany. In addition, Bramble Furniture also uses solid brass for handle types and beveled glass for glass products. For drawers, it applies dovetail and tongue & groove techniques which are well known for their quality and durability.

By utilizing premium quality materials, The Lobby by Bramble Furniture is going to be a projection of a magnificent museum-style interior concept that depicts the uniqueness of every design based on each type of finishing.

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